nCoder is a learning analytics platform used to develop, validate, and implement automated coding schemes. A powerful tool for transforming raw data into meaningful information, nCoder is designed specifically for working with big data: large document collections, logfiles, and other text data.


Epistemic Network Analysis (ENA) is a method of identifying and quantifying connections among elements in coded data and representing them in dynamic network models. A key feature of the ENA tool is that it enables researchers compare different networks, both visually and through summary statistics that reflect the weighted structure of connections.

rhoR is an R package that computes a new statistical test for validating measures of inter-rater reliability (IRR). The new test, Shaffer’s rho, is a Monte Carlo rejective method of testing the generalizability of any binary IRR statistic. Since rho provides the expected Type I error rate for assuming IRR is above threshold based on a sample, it allows researchers to minimize the amount of data that needs to be hand-coded to establish the reliability and validity of codes. In other words, rho tells you when you have coded enough!